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Canvas Accessibility

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Bootstrap Progress Bar

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Boostrap Image Handling

a href="#" removed as it did not conform to RFC 1630 which defines the proper construction of URIs. Need to add focus state Image of a dog used to test Bootstrap Hover states

Screen-reader only class


  • Make sure there is a logical, predictable tabbing order that matches the visual order.
  • Focusable elements (links and form controls) need to have obvious visual feedback so users can see where keyboard focus is. Do not use outline:0 in your CSS unless you add an adequate replacement. It’s incredibly frustrating when you get no visual feedback whatsoever.
  • Do not use JavaScript to trap keyboard focus, like in an input field. If you can get in, make sure you can get out.
  • Make sure all functionality and information is accessible without using a mouse. If you open a dialog or lightbox, put keyboard focus in it. If you show information on hover, also display it on focus. If you add click events to random elements that aren’t natively focusable, make them focusable by giving them a tabindex attribute (via scripting).

Bootstrap Labels

Default Label Primary Label Success Label Info Label Warning Label Danger Label

Modified Bootstrap Labels

Default Label Class btn-red

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