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Testing Accessibility and Mobility Components for Integration into WordPress Themes.

UGLY but Functional Test Site

Not A Real Button

Test Heading ARIA Level Two


Need to Fix:

NVDA goes through all the links in the Twitter feed before the rest of the content, and this is a big headache. Fix this.

Current Accessibility References

Adobe Mega Menu

CSSMojo Progressive Ehnancement Articles

Focus on WordPress Accessibility

a11y WordPress Tickets

Tickets with a focus on Accessibility

I simply do not get it.

Recent Testing confirms that tabbing works better backwards than it does forwards. This has serious implications for both keyboard users and screen reader users. But why is it happening? I intend to make this my mission in the upcoming days, to figure it out....I think unraveling this key will help more than one project.

Ticket #27642

Boostrap Image Handling

Image of a dog used to test Bootstrap Hover states

Bootstrap Progress Bar

Source: Bootstrap Progress Bars

40% Complete

Bootstrap Labels

Default Label Primary Label Success Label Info Label Warning Label Danger Label

Modified Bootstrap Labels

Default Label Class btn-red

Source:CSS Mojo Progressive Enhancement



Forms Modified Buttons


Forms Input Labels Legends