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Screenshot showing initial DFW

Screenshot showing initial DFW

A Plugin for A Friend

I have a friend with multiple disabilities who is learning to work with WordPress. Two of his disabilities are poor vision and challenges with his motor skills. He relies on two things to navigate the interface: Visual Cues, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. The awesome people at WordPress have been working on a new user interface for the TinyMCE editor, and these changes have in part greatly improved the working situation for him by removing so much visual cruft from the screen.
The problem is that once he is in that screen, there are no visual cues to lead him to his next step. The expectation is that one would be able to discover next steps by tabbing or moving his mouse, but this is not something to be taken lightly. Using a mouse is very problematic, and even tabbing can be an intimidating process.

Screenshot showing DFW with button

Screenshot showing DFW with button

A Hopeful Solution

I would like to try and make a plugin for my friend so that it is easier for him to navigate within the TinyMCE editor. The plugin has to be able to put a functional "Publish" button in a location that is obvious and easy for him to get to once he is in the TinyMCE editor.
To the left is a screenshot showing the first attempt. It has plenty of shortcomings, such as only working when the DFW button is clicked, and it is a html division styled to look like a button rather than a real button, which of course is an accessibility fail, but one thing at a time. I am going after VISUAL cues here, to help him navigate.

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