The first meals

People have been eating snacks since the beginning of time. The first meals, in fact, were defined not by what time of the day it was, but rather by the fact that those eating needed food. Most of these snack-meals were not very elaborate, either. Simply plucking a piece of fruit off of a tree, or a bunch of grapes off the vine, was enough to last one for a while. fort lauderdale wine bar

These days, fruit is not quite so readily available. Certainly, one can buy some at the grocery store, but it is not always in the best of shape by the time it gets there. Moreover, there are other healthy snack possibilities that are just as accessible. One can grab a nutrition bar for roughly the same cost as enough fruit to last to the next full meal.As the name would suggest, nutrition bars are good for the body. Many of them have heightened levels of protein to go along with the standard nutrients they include.

All of them are carefully planned to maximize their usefulness for at least one aspect of a healthy diet.Most important of all, nutrition bars do not taste bad, something for which health food in all its forms has a reputation. In fact, the health food industry has come a long way since all healthy options tasted like card board. Nutrition bars, however, have always tasted good, because many of them are simply a natural evolution of those quick fruit snacks that have always been available to everyone.