Netflix List: The Best Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Summer

Are you willing to spend more time indoors, now voluntarily? Are you still skeptical about stepping out of the house now that the pandemic has slowed down? Is your employer asking you to continue working from home? Do you want the summers to pass before stepping out? If you are nodding hard on the question above then you might be in for some boring ride.

But wait, you can make that interesting with some of the best Netflix shows.

TV shows have been put you throughout the pandemic. Instead of staring at the walls, many of us kept our sanity intact by watching TV shows on television sets or streaming home online.

Even though the high internet usage at home made us struggle with smooth online streaming, Spectrum bundles and cable TV service showed up as a great replacement at the time of need.

However now as the thing has started getting back to a normal state, the internet depending night even slowed down in the household.

So if you’re preparing to beat the summer heat by staying inside then we have a whole list prepared for you, all you have to do is work on the sales.

Here is a list of shows that you can watch on Netflix to binge past your summer.

The Baker and the Beauty (Season 1)

Who doesn’t want to see a complicated love story on a lonely saturday night? We all do!

So if you want to watch a Miami maker trying to make things work with a famous fashionista after breaking up with his girlfriend then here you go.

The fashion and the baker are trying to make things work but the paparazzi, prying family members, and the totally jealous exes are helping them in making things worst.

The series lasted for one season but you surely do not want to miss it. The series has lots of romantic and comedic moments along with lots of drama.

Also, the location is Miami. If you can’t go to Miami why would you miss the virtual tour as well?


You might have heard all the noise around how cool Bridgeton is. Well, to be honest, it IS pretty cool.

Determine to find her true love Daphne Bridgeton makes her debut in the Regency London Marriage market. But her brother gets in her way and throws her sister into the scandal sheet.

With her scandalous prospects dwelling, Daphne was convinced that she won’t find love now.

But then comes the Duke of Hastings.

You don’t want us to tell you everything, right?

So just watch it on Netflix.

The Crown (1-4)

Here comes our personal favorite, The Crown.

The biopic of Queen Elizabeth takes viewers to her Reign and all that happened when she started ruling.

From her early young days to becoming a grandmother, Queen Elizabeth’s story in the Crown will get you hooked to the screen.

With the Royal family becoming more and more relevant you do not want to miss out on their history.

Not to forget there is a whole season at the beauty and global loved late Diana.

Emily in Paris

The marketing executive in Chicago, Emily land on her dream job in Paris.

However, Emily had a hard time settling down in the company but her sweet nature helped her make her way into the new place.

The easy binge-watch will help get past your summer in no time.

Also, did we mention Paris? Do you really want to miss seeing the beauty on screen? The Eiffel Tower, and the beautiful people?

Summer here we Come

Summer is not all bad, especially not if you are planning to binge-watch some of the famous Netflix shows.