A Review of Modern Surgical Hair Restoration Techniques

Hair reduction as a result of sickness, scarring and particularly androgenetic alopecia, appears to have troubled associates of the human race Considering that the dawn of historical past. A prescription for restoring hair is A part of the 1500 B C. Ebers papyrus of historical Egypt.Modern-day cosmetic hair transplant surgery dates within the operate of The big apple Dermatologist Norman Orentreich in the early nineteen fifties.[1] The system was actually much more mature than this and Japanese dermatologists Sasagawa,[2] Okuda,[3] Tamura[4] and Fujita[5] ended up using modest autografts made up of hair follicles for the correction of scars and cicatricial alopecias. It’s not necessarily known whether or not they employed these strategies to the correction of androgenetic alopecia, but whenever they did, they definitely did not mention it within their health-related papers. In any circumstance their publications, published in Japanese did not access toupee Western eyes for many years.


Orentreich re-identified the technique whilst investigating no matter if a variety of popular skin situations showed donor or recipient web site dominance. Phrase speedily spread concerning this superb new technique and he soon had quite a few disciples in America and Europe. By 1970, the approach known as “punch grafting” was currently being executed by tiny quantities of devoted practitioners in lots of nations around the world of the planet.

Morrison, Norwood and Shiell revealed a paper on “The Problems of Scalp Reduction” in 1984,[8] but these warnings went largely unheeded for an additional 10 years. The foremost problems with alopecia reductions had been beauty. The shape of the residual bald location became significantly irregular and more challenging to conceal with Every single extra reduction treatment. On top of that, the scalp experienced a astonishing capability to stretch and much from the First baldness reduction was shed over subsequent months as the phenomenon titled “extend-back” eaten approximately 50% from the initial attain. Even though every one of the bald space was excised, 1 still experienced the trouble of potential growth with the baldness which could expose the previous scars.